Venezuelans and Ukrainians in London – UNITED

The Ukrainian and Venezuelan community along with other non-profit organisations calls for a mass protest this Sunday, 16th March, at 01:30pm.


MEETING POINT – The concrete square next to Marble Arch – 01:30pm

ROUTE OF THE MARCH – down Lancaster Gate, Bayswater Road and Queensway.

For more information please contact the Venezolanos en el Reino Unido group:

Facebook: VeneUK     /      Twitter: @veneuk      /       Email:

We call all Londoners and everyone who is against repression, arbritary imprisonment, despotism, tyranny and illegal actions to JOIN US.

For a summary of what is happening in Venezuela, please watch the following video

For a summary of what is happening in Ukraine, please access the following link

A quick guide: What’s Happening in Ukraine (WSJ)

PLEASE JOIN US. We hope to have media coverage and press fotographers. Please spread the word, invite and forward this event to your friends.

El Arepón 

Twitter: @el_arepon

Instagram: @elarepon

Facebook: elareponblog

Youtube: El Arepon TV


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